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" Мне посоветовали Atlantic уверяя , что хороший сервис и работают оперативно. Плюс к тому ,что я тут почитал отзывы и в основном положительные. Но увы в моем случае, все оказалось в точности до наоборот. Я не могу до вас дозвониться 2 дня (звонил по всем существующим номерам у вас на сайте), при использовании услуги "Мы Вам перезвоним" ничего не изменилось мне никто так и не позвонил. Убедительная просьба связаться со мной, для уточнения ряда моментов касаемо инвойса. "


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The world's largest retailer located in USA specializes in selling public consumption products and services through the Internet. Currently, the service includes over 30 types of products such as e-books, electronics, toys, foodstuff, household appliances, sports goods, adult and children apparel and many others.
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Walmart offers everything at one time. Video and audio systems for home and car, electronics, furniture, clothes, shoes, sports goods, products for rest, children toys, adult toys and many others. The offered products are divided into categories. Simple and convenient interface of the homepage makes it easy to find a required product.
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Target offers a wide range of lingerie products, high quality clothes and shoes for women, men and children, accessories, healthcare and decorative cosmetics, hygiene products, kitchen tools, furniture, household and digital appliances, interior products, stationary, intellectual development games/toys for children of all ages, videogames and DVDs. Besides, using the online store, you can find unique gifts for your family and friends
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The online store is a real discovery for those, who have no sufficient time for searching and shopping. The store offers bed clothes, apparels and shoes, electronics, jewelry and watches, sports goods, books and DVDs, cosmetics, products for children, products for leisure and hobby, office stationary, toys, pet shop products. Everything you need is gathered in one place in
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It is one of most affordable malls in USA, where you can find anything for you and your family.
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