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" Здраствуйте  Я отправил несколько товаров к Вам на ваш адрес в Делавер. У всех адрес доставки один с почтовым индексом 19801. По всем товарам трекинг показывает чтр к вам они доставлены.  Однако по этим 3 трекингам ваши представители говорят что не получили что они доставлены на другой индекс 19850. 9405509699938662432788  9400109699938649229964   9405509699937719977791  Я спросил у прдавцов и они говорят что они все доставлены по указанному адресу и если вы не получили нужно связаться с представителями usps чтоб они перенаправили к вам. Что они больше ничем не могут помочь. Если посмотреть эти трэкинги они все проходили через 19801 до того как попасть на 19850 Так же не может быть чтоб местная почтовая служба доставила по трем разным товарам на неверные адреса и указала что товары доставлены. Они уже доставлены неделю назад и я теряю время. Вам же самим легче это решить, чем мне с другой страны. Эти адреса все рядом с вами же находятся! Мне нужно срочно оформить заказ для доставки в Ташкент. Жду вашей помощи. Спасибо  "

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The world's largest retailer located in USA specializes in selling public consumption products and services through the Internet. Currently, the service includes over 30 types of products such as e-books, electronics, toys, foodstuff, household appliances, sports goods, adult and children apparel and many others.
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Forever 21
Stylish clothes for contemporary young people at affordable prices.
Standard Ground Shipping & Handling
(5-10 Business Days) $5.95-$16.95(в зависимости от суммы)
Express Shipping & Handling
(3-5 Business Days) $20.95
Walmart offers everything at one time. Video and audio systems for home and car, electronics, furniture, clothes, shoes, sports goods, products for rest, children toys, adult toys and many others. The offered products are divided into categories. Simple and convenient interface of the homepage makes it easy to find a required product.
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Old Navy
Owned by GAP group, Old Navy offers high-quality and stylish clothing for men, women and children.
7-9 business days - FREE
3-5 business days - $7.00
2 business days - $17.00
1 business day - $22.00
Zara strives to achieve adaptation of freshest and original designer ideas to everyday life. It provides apparels for contemporary people valuing style and individuality. Its collections include women, men and children apparels.
Standard: In 5-7 business days. Free
Express: In 2-3 business days. 9.95 USD
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Target offers a wide range of lingerie products, high quality clothes and shoes for women, men and children, accessories, healthcare and decorative cosmetics, hygiene products, kitchen tools, furniture, household and digital appliances, interior products, stationary, intellectual development games/toys for children of all ages, videogames and DVDs. Besides, using the online store, you can find unique gifts for your family and friends
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The online store is a real discovery for those, who have no sufficient time for searching and shopping. The store offers bed clothes, apparels and shoes, electronics, jewelry and watches, sports goods, books and DVDs, cosmetics, products for children, products for leisure and hobby, office stationary, toys, pet shop products. Everything you need is gathered in one place in
Individually calculated for each order
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Body Central
The range of products offered by includes apparels, footwear and accessories for young women. The brand is distinctive for its fine collection, contemporary design, beauty and originality of designer work at very affordable prices. Body Central was founded in 1972 in Jacksonville, Florida is current location of the company's headquarters. An official online representative of the store is
Up to $25 $5.95
$25.01-$40 $6.95
$40.01-$50 $7.95
$50.01-$75 $9.95
$75.01-$100 $11.95
3-4 Business days: Add $7.95 to standard freight charges.
1-2 Business days: Add $15 to standard freight charges.
KOHL’S store provides wide range of products from famous brands for the whole family. The range of products include apparels, products for interior decoration, toys and electronics, beauty products and etc. In other words, everything you need for your daily life.
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Founded in 1975, DrJays is well known in US as retailer of hip-hop clothing, shoes and accessories. The online store offers a variety of products for men, women and children. Many products are sold with significant discounts, in addition to regular sales of individual products or for entire collection. Almost every day, you are given a discount of 20 - 50%.
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It is one of most affordable malls in USA, where you can find anything for you and your family.
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Wet Seal
Currently, Wet Seal apparels are one of the most popular ones in USA. Also, this brand is already famous in other countries. The presented collections allow to find clothes for any occasion of life and accessories complete desired look. Initially, the brand was aimed for teenagers, but over the time the assortment has significantly increased and now Wet Seal manufactures clothes even for those over thirties. The main priorities of the brand are price affordability, which is so important for young people and majority of clients, brightness and uniqueness of design.
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Go Jane offers bright, stylish and premium attires for young people. For trendy, dynamic and bright people! The prices will surprise you.
Individually calculated for each order
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Jessica London
Jessica London is famous for women apparels, shoes and accessories fitting all tastes at affordable prices
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All Sports Wear Usa
Магазин спортивных товаров по хорошим скидкам
Рассчитывается индивидуально для каждого заказа
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Trendy and original clothes and design. Jeans, swimsuits, dresses and sarafans, shoes, boots, stylish sandals, shoes for teenagers, sports footwear and clothes. Affordable prices, promotions and sales on
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The online store of plus size apparels and shoes. For more than 100 years Roaman's ® has been the market leader in the fashion of large sizes offering glamorous dresses and outerwear, stylish suits, jeans and shoes of the plus size.
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