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Parcel shipment

All parcels can be delivered to any part of Uzbekistan.

The delivery time to regions of Uzbekistan depends on chosen region. Shipment from New York to Tashkent takes from 14 to 20 days.
  • delivery of ordered products to AE office in New York takes from 5 - 10 days and depends on chosen shops (if several shops are indicated in the invoice, the Company waits until all ordered goods are delivered to the office);
  • the delivery time to AE offices can be shortened by choosing express shipping while ordering products. In such cases, the product will be delivered to AE office within one day (cost of express shipping can be found on online stores, where you do your purchase)
  • delivery of the parcel from New York to Tashkent takes 5-7 days
  • It takes around 2-3 weeks between payment for the products and their delivery to your address. 

Feel free to contact us on: skype: posiltorg1;
e-mail: tanya@atlanticexportinc;
phone: +99890 185-99-65; +99890 185-98-25
You can contact us 24/7 on skype: posiltorg1.

We are pleased to answer all you questions

it is immense pleasure for us to buy and deliver any products for you! Delivery time to Tashkent and other regions of
Uzbekistan takes from 7 to 14 days ad depends on on the address indicated in the application.

The maximum weight of the order should not exceed 30kg per parcel


1) package - box
2) minimum allowed weight per box is 4,4 pounds(2kg), maximum allowed weight per box is 70 pounds (30kg)
3) size - does not exceed the allowed volume weight*
4) contents - clothing, shoes, foodstuffs and electronics**, beauty products, toys, kitchen goods***
5) alcohol drinks - 1 litre (1 bottle) per parcel
6) cigarettes - 1 block per parcel

Not allowed

1) package/wrapping - a bag, suitcases
2) weight over 70 pounds (30kg) per a seat
3)Size - upon ordering non-standard parcels, one should consult with a responsible company agent
4) Contents - weapons, ammunition, narcotics, cash currency, jewelry, antic products and art works
5) Erotic and pornographic products (videocassettes, DVD, magazines and etc.)