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Total shipment cost – example

Let us assume that you want to purchase apparels, shoes, beauty products and etc. for the amount = $600 (taxes * and delivery** within New-York are included)

The company service fee (13%) and insurance (5%) total to - 18% = $108

Total weight of your order is - 2kg. - (2 kg. x $7) = $14

Exact weight of the parcel will be determined upon actual shipment. The difference in the weight will be corrected upon settlements with the client.

To determine postal fees:
  • To $14 (cost of air transfer) add $108 (service and insurance) and $15 (customs clearance and delivery within Tashkent).
  • total postal expenses ($14+ $108 + $15) = $137
  • total amount of your parcel will be - ($600 + $119) = $737

* tax in New-York - 8.875%

* delivery from a store to Atlantic Export office

If the total amount of your parcel is over 1000$, the parcel is subject to customs office charges.