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Personal cabinet
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How to order a product – example

The procedure of orderding a good on the basis of buying jeans in Walmart shop


In the product category, Clothing is chosen and in pop-up menu Men's clothing is selected

brand is chosen, also one can specify pricce range for jeans.

size and color are specified.
copy the URL of the page from address bar and memorize size and color.

log in to personal cabinet, using the form located on right top corner of the home page.
if you are not registered in the shop's website, you should register in the site.

enter the page "Order', provide URL of the products page, fill in the fields "Description", "Quantity" in the block "Product information".
if you want to order more products, you can add other products by clicking "Add more products".
using the square button with red cross, you can delete unnecessary products.

after inputting product information, click "Order" button.