Delivery status:
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Guarantees and Insurance

Аtlantic Еxport provides 100% guarantee and 100% insurance on your order.


How the guarantee works
  1. Upon purchase of goods from online shops, the goods are delivered to warehouses of Аtlantic Еxport for further examination. In case of an external damage (defects), the damaged good is returned to the seller (manufacturer). In such cases, the transit of the delivery can be prolonged and the client will be informed about a change in delivery due date.
  2. If no damage/defect is found during the examination, the parcel is shipped to the beneficiary. Upon receipt of the parcel, the buyer has to make sure that the good is free of damages/defects and also has to sign a declaration, which is a written confirmation of the buyer meaning he/she has no claims to Аtlantic Еxport.
    In case of a damage/defect or incompliance of the good with the order, the buyer does not sign the declaration and returns the good to the company courier for further replacement of the product. In such cases, all expenses incurred with this procedure are solely covered by Аtlantic Еxport.
  3. The guarantee period for goods is that of indicated by the manufacturer. In case of guarantee situations, please contact us at: +99890 185-99-65; +99890 185-98-25.
  4. Еhe guarantee is applicable in the following situations:
    • If the order was made in online auction stores (,, and in a store not listed on our homepage;
    • upon buying refurbished goods
    • Malfunctioning of the product or a damage is caused by the buyer (violation of exploitation rules, work in undocumented modes, improper installation and connection, high temperature exceeding the allowed level, overheating and etc.); damages caused by non-fulfillment of state standards on parameters of power, telecommunication, cable networks and other external factors (climatic and other) 
    • upon presence of external and internal mechanic damages (jammed contacts, cracks, signs of beats, chops/cracks on memory chip and others) caused owing to improper exploitation, installation or transportation of the product;
    • upon presence of repair works on the product by unauthorized persons;
    • upon presence of damages caused by accidents or caused by impact of fire and moisture; insects, dust, ingestion of foreign objects;
    • upon presence of a damage caused by dust. The client is advised to clean the product no less than once in three months;
    • upon use of low quality data storage drives (floppy-disc, CD, ZIP-disc, MO-disc, USB Flash and other) that got destroyed inside of the device owing to their low quality;
    • upon visual presence of traces of electrical breakdown, burnout conductors, etc.;
    • upon damage to the contents of BIOS mother boards, video cards, modems and etc.
    • upon inability of ports to connect external COM, LPT, GAME, KB, PS / 2 USB and others (warranty on such ports is 30 days from the date of purchase).

The guarantee liability is not applicable to sophisticated electronics.

The guarantee is not applicable to:
  • Products that do not have markings (sticker), that are relabeled or that have partially destroyed markings (leading to inability to identify details of the sticker);
  • Products with mechanical, thermal, extreme electrical damages (including hidden);
  • Products with traces of careless operation;
  • Products with traces of corrosive substances (water, fire, chemicals, food, products of organisms); 
  • Products with non-erasable markings (that are not placed by the manufacturer) and also with removed or partially removed manufacturer markings;
  • Products with traces of unauthorized repair (traces of unseal, solder works, replacement of chips of charge transfer devices, programmable read-only memory and etc.);
  • Damages caused to the product because of its mismatch to the state power standards, telecommunications, cable networks and other external factors (climatic and other);
  • Failure of products caused by the use of non-standard or incompatible parts, components, software, supplies, cleaning materials, and incompliance with the terms and technical maintenance period required for products (e.g. maintenance of printers, copy machines and etc.);
  • Products, which have damaged protection tapes and seals with a prescription "Warranty Void If Removed" or any other equivalent script.

  • All orders are automatically insured for their total amount;
  • The client is informed on the delivery date at the time when a declaration number is issued.
  • If for some reason the order is not delivered to the client, Аtlantic Еxport refunds the whole order amount within two weeks after receiving a written application from the client.

Attention! Upon sending a parcel, the delivery fee amount can be calculated by dimensional weight (such calculation is done only in cases when dimensional weight is greater than actual weight)

The formula to calculate dimensional weight:

*if dimensions of the parcel exceed standards of allowed dimensions, the amount of volume weight is increased by 20%