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" После того как оставил отзыв перезвонили сами, все уточнил что хотел. Далее сработали оперативно, и все таки не зря мне вас посоветовали. Хорошая команда у вас. Уверен что буду пользоваться вашим сервисом дальше. "

About us

Atlantic Export provides parcel freight cargo services from USA to Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine and Baltic countries. Our service includes reliable delivery of parcels, "from door to door" delivery of a parcel with appropriate business documentation within the shortest time period and at the lowest prices.

Employees of Atlantic Export are highly qualified specialists having active and initiative attitude to what they do and attaining long experience in logistics not only in USA but in other countries as well.

Our goal is to develop a strong and long term relationship with our clients by providing them high quality service. While meeting the needs of our clients, we offer not only standard services, but also individual solutions to each client.